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I MANAGE your software development projects

I help organizations and project teams adopt agile project management methodologies and work quickly and collaboratively within the timeframe and budget of a project.

Hello, I'm Vesna Tertei Rudinski.

I am a multi-talented Technology Project Manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Professional team leader with over three years of hands-on experience leading successful teams and organizations by leading project sprints, ensuring high-quality delivery, exercising collaborative team and stakeholder management. Able to wear many hats, including coding and design. Focused on finding the right questions to ask and assemble.

How can I help you

Technical skills & tools

Methodologies & Frameworks




Business and Organizational Strategy

SDLC management
Project scheduling
Requirements definitions & Analysis
Project budgeting & Cost control

soft skills

Critical thinking
Communication skills



Ongoing project - Manage software developing teams using Agile methodologies, frameworks, and tools like Jira, Confluence, Trello, and Bitbucket. OneTraffic is a platform intended for traffic participants to keep them safe and informed by delivering the messages they need at the right time and place.

Route Horizon

Worked on the development team as a software developer, focusing mainly on backend implementation of a complex solution that consists of several different mobile and web applications that are connected to existing client solutions through APIs. Route Horizon helps companies to reduce the overall cost of logistics activities, by adjusting service time, working hours, loading capacities, and other parameters.

I Believe in Lifelong Learning

I believe that today’s technology is propelling us into a future beyond comprehension; a future built on machine learning, understanding large data sets, agile development, and risk management. I believe that the purpose of my role is to lead change, make a positive impact on the lives of the people in the community in which I serve, and help reduce costs through the correct management of resources and through efficient project management.

What others say about me

Vesna always takes 100% of the shots when it comes to managing projects, stakeholders and scope. She is a detail oriented technical project manager who can take complex and misunderstood technical development work and break it down into tasks that are manageable and effective.
William Eap
Sr. Tech. Project Manager at OpenX
Vesna is very talented and intelligent person, who can adapt and learn fast and efficiently any new technology that is needed for a project. She developed and showed great managing skills and she is able to lead, organise a team so that project is delivered in time.

Nenad Mirkov
CEO at Auxality d.o.o.
Vesna is dedicated to details in the job, but ready for teamwork and support to colleagues through sharing advice and coaching. Focused on achieving targets, but has a great balanced relationship with the people under her leadership.

Tamara Lilic Males
Sales Manager

Based in USA. Available Worldwide

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